KAICHENG’s fire-fighting robot participated in Dazhou shopping mall fire




At 17:55 on June 1, a fire broke out on the first floor of a large shopping mall in Dazhou, Sichuan.





The Sichuan Provincial Public Security Fire Brigade sent 1057 firefighters, 219 fire engines participated in the fire extinguishing operation. Due to the polyurethane foam was burning in the underground freezer, on-site toxic fumes spread with high temperature, firefighters couldn’t evaluate the fire accurately.





On June 2, the local fire department sent 4 unit explosion-proof firefighting and scouting robots joined the fire-fighting and rescue mission.With the explosion-proof and high-temperature resistance design, the robot can replace the human firefighter enter the toxic, harmful, flammable and explosive fire site, to complete the reconnaissance, fire-fighting, and rescue mission. The participation of fire-fighting robots solved the problem that firefighters could hardly enter the fire site. it provided reliable on-site information for the decision-maker.





After more than 40 hours of operation, the fire was effectively controlled.


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