RXR-M40D Firefighting robot



In recent years, China fire department is promoting construction and upgrade of mini fire station, especially the utilization of modern fire fighting equipements. Kaicheng provides the new developed fire fighting robot which is mainly used in the mini fire station for extinguishing the fire in early stage. The robot's size is small but it is powerful and easy to operate. This robot can be connected to fire truck and municipal fire hydrant.



Product advantages


  • Applicable to fire truck lorry, municipal fire hydrant and other water supply system;
  • Track surface covers by heat tolerant, flame retardant rubber, track internal adopts metal frame; 
  • Independent suspension shock mitigation system, strong impact resistance; 
  • High temperature tolerance, which comes with automatic sprinkling cooling system of double water curtain;
  • Remote control of monitor for rotation, pitching and conversion of multiple spraying modes;
  • Optional high-definition wireless image transmission system, which realizes the remote real-time video surveillance; 
  • Advanced wireless communication technology, which has long communication distance and strong anti-interference ability. Strong network communication capability, can connect to the internet and transmit field data to the control center, provide reliable support for decision-maker; 
  • Highly maneuverability, fast movement speed,which can be adjusted.


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