Ethernet Switch




KJJ125 mine-used Ethernet Switch was developed for the application in underground explosive environment.





Electrical Specifications


  • Power Supply Voltage: AC 127V
  • Rating Power: ≤200W
  • Batteries: Type 18720, DC24V, 4.5AH




Basic Functions 


  • Mono-mode 1000Mbps interface supports self-restore function by optical fiber redundancy function 
  • Exchanges Ethernet optical-Electronic signals with RS232/RS422/RS485, CAN, Video 
  • Explore video system through video terminal 
  • Battery supports switch to work up to two hours after mains power supply interrupted.





Main Technical Parameters


  • 1000M Ethernet optical signala)Interface: 2 channel with 4 fibersb)Transmission: Dual TCP/IP Ethernet Optical Signalc)Transmission Speed: 1000Mbpsd)Transmission optical power: ≥-12dBm (mono-mode, 1310nm)e)Receive Sensitivity: ≤-25dBm (mono-mode, 1310nm)
  • Ethernet Electronic Interfacea)Interface: 8 channelb)Transmission: Dual TCP/IP Ethernet Electronic Signalc)Transmission Speed: 10/100Mbps adaptived)Signal peak voltage: 1V ~ 5Ve)Signal peak current: ≤30mAf)Max. Distance to Network Device (which has TCP/IP Ethernet Electronic Interface): 100m (with CAT5 network twist cable)
  • RS232/RS422/RS485 to Ethernet interface: 3 RS232/RS422/RS485 modules
  • CAN to Ethernet interface: 2 CAN modules
  • Video to Ethernet interface: 1 video server, 1 video terminal





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