RXLS-Ex101 Explosion-proof wheeled inspection robot



Explosion-proof wheeled inspection robot is designed and certified for explosive site inspection, such as oil storage, fuel gas storage, and other chemical manufacturing, storage, transportation site, etc. The inspection function include meter reading and valve checking, as well as checking the leakage of stuff being stored. To ensure the DCS system works properly, which used to be taken by human inspector. The product consists of the robot, wireless base station, automatic charging station and a remote control platform. It will improve inspection quality, reduce labor intensity and the risks of human inspection.



Product advantages


  • Certified explosion-proof category II;
  • Self battery diagnosis  and automatic charging function;
  • Explosion-proof lift cradle head is flexible, can meet the requirements of data collection at different observation points;
  • Modular design, expansion function, and with multiple sensors optional, suitable for different sites; 
  • Wireless transmission, remote inspection in real-time; 
  • With high energy density lithium-ion battery power supply, which can be charged or replaced; 
  • High power and four wheel drive design, can be used on different terrain; 
  • With combined navigation mode, ensure the accuracy of route and key point inspection; 
  • Meter reading and valve checking;
  • Malfunction recognizing, report issues to remote control platform.



Function of products


  • Leakage detection:Detect gas leakage in real time at the site, alarm once the limitation been exceeded.
  • Video analysis function:Meters reading, valves state and other equipment checking through video analysis, depends on user 's requirements.
  • Automatic obstacle avoidance:The robot will automatic stop and alarm, in case there is any human or other objects blocked the route.
  • Image collection:HD video can be collected via anti-shake camera.
  • Data logging:Automatic record events, includes self-malfunction recognizing, in the remote control platform.
  • Duplex audio:Collecting sound in real time at the site, broadcast on the remote control platform. Operator can make remote broadcast through the robot at site. The robot will voice alarm on site and the control platform in case there is obstacle or malfunction was recognized.
  • Audio abnormality analysis function:According to the user’s requirements, audio signal of oil pump, motor and other equipment can be analyzed, abnormal audio will trigger pre warning.



Field application


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