RXR-MC4JD-G Explosion-proof high expansion foam firefighting robot



Explosion-proof high expansion foam firefighting robot is designed and certified for flowing fire extinguishing in explosive environment, such as petrochemical refining, oil and fuel gas storage, and other chemical manufacturing, storage, transportation site, etc. The product consists of robot platform with foam generator, remote control panle. It will help the fireman crew improve the rescue safety and reducing casualties in the mission.



Product advantages


  • Explosion-proof certified and waterproof up to IP65;
  • The robot track surface covers by heat tolerant, flame retardant rubber, track internal adopts metal frame;
  • With large traction, which can drag one 100m length ⌀80mm fire hose filled with water;
  • High-definition wireless image transmission system, which realizes the remote real-time video surveillance;
  • Pressed foam mixture take the role of both extinguishing media and driving force for the fan to reduce energy consumption;
  • Cover type fire extinguishing, low water consumption, non-corrosiveness;
  • Advanced wireless communication technology, which has long communication distance and strong anti-interference ability. Strong network communication capability, can connect to the internet and transmit field data to the control center, provide reliable support for decision-maker;
  • Remote diagnosis function: realize the remote diagnosis and malfunction analysis of the robot via Internet;
  • Image collection: Collecting and uploading the scene images in real time.

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